Perinatal Mood and Anxiety disorders

When deciding to grow your family,  there are so many transitions and difficulties that  can occur, whether it be biological, emotional or relational.  We are not always prepared for these life changing events.  Please allow me to help  you navigate through this difficilt time. 

Therapy For Men

As a result of societal  expectations,  men can have a difficult time finding a safe space that will allow them to express their emotions and needs.  Specifically, if you are Bipoc, you have experienced trauma throughout your life that ultimately affects all parts of your life. Lets work together to process these experiences and ensure that you are your best self.

Couples Therapy

Love is amazing but, let’s face it, relationships are hard work! Let me help you develop strategies to make the most of your love connection. Whether you are in a hetero or same-sex union, I can help you have the healthy relationship you deserve.

Individual Therapy

The most important relationship you can ever have is with you– the person in the mirror. I can help you be your best self by helping you become the person want.  It is important to minimize the obstacles that can get in the way of  you intentionally and mindfully living your best life.

Need help?

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