“Initially, I came in to find proactive ways to help foster a healthy relationship with my partner, navigate what I was looking for professionally and find ways for self- care in my personal life.  Nneka was extremely helpful in assisting me with balancing my personal, professional and academic responsibilities. She provided with the tools to be able to take on a healthy lifestyle and be mindful of the choices that I make.” –ER


“It is difficult to put into concise words how helpful Ms. Symister has been to me.  I have been seeing her for a few years now and although I am utilizing the tools I have learned ,  she is the person I can count on when I am at my lowest. She not only listens, she makes me feel as though I know that she truly cares all while not allowing me to get off the hook for the roles I play in my situations. Ms. Symister not only asked me to take a deeper look at myself, she helped me hold the mirror. There are many times where I know I could not have held it alone and I am truly thankful to have found someone that not only listens, but hears me.” –TM


“I don’t know what state I would be in if I didn’t have Nneka to turn to. She has allowed me to face some of the most painful moments in my life with a fresh perspective. After my sessions with her I feel refreshed and heard. She is compassionate, understanding, a great listener, and able to really get to the heart of who you are and tailor her services to what you need. She’s just amazing!” –CAM


“I was initially referred to Nneka with postnatal anxiety that had been untreated for almost 4 years (and two kids) and was starting to have extreme consequences on my day to day activities. From our first session, Nneka was incredible – in addition to being patient, understanding and calm, she took time to answer my questions around CBT, how it works, and how it would help me personally. From that point on, it felt like there was a light at the end of a long tunnel, and I can honestly say she turned my life completely around. When I met Nneka, my sense of self worth was at rock bottom, I had been estranged from one parent since childhood and had difficulty in some of my other relationships. I had intrusive thoughts that were making me feel I was a terrible parent and extreme anxiety over my children being hurt in some way that was causing me to change my behavior and not go outside as much. During the year I was in therapy, Nneka taught me how to manage my anxiety, through recognizing triggers, having coping mechanisms and learning how to “unpack” the triggers, until anxiety no longer impacts my day to day life. I am back in contact with my estranged parent and we are forging a relationship after many years apart. I have learned how to set boundaries and am confident and happy. Most importantly, Nneka restored my self esteem so I look in the mirror – and I am happy that I am enough. Thank you is so inadequate for everything she has done for me – I truly owe every aspect of my happiness and my family’s happiness to her. Thank you Nneka, for everything!!!” –HR